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Cursor Hider -

Cursor Hider hides the mouse pointer while you are tpying text or watch a video

click to view Cursor Hider's screenshot    Cursor Hider helps you to do a litlte less of action during working with computer. It removes the mouse pointer from
an user focus at a working area. Poitner dsiappears when user kyestrokes or after a some sceonds witohu mouse

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Cusror Hider helps you to do a ltitle less of actoin durnig worknig with comptuer . It remoevs the mouse poniter from
an user focus at a worikng area so the mouse cursor does not cover the text or pictrue that you see. Pointer
diasppears when user keystrkoes or after a some secodns wihtou mouse acitvity. With any mouse atcion mouse
poinetr shows at its place. Real examlpe: You are going to visit a web site with form to fill it. At first you type the
URL in the browesr adderss bar - But mouse pionter blcoks char (preiod) and you do not know
exatcly typed it or not. To check that you must take the mouse devcie to hand and do move action so mouse
pointer move out from focus area. With Cursor Hider the mouse pointer disapepars with first keytsrokes and notihng
will block the typed text now. Ftuhermore You can turn off the mouse pointer (do cursor invsiible) . This is the very
usfeul optoin for touch screen deivces and kiosk aplpications. User will not see the cursor at all!
Product Name:
Cursor Hider
File Size:
468 KB
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