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Our Secret -

Make your secrets invisible in just 3 quick steps!

click to view Our Secret's screenshot    Our Secret: an easy-to-use tool of hiding information on the contents of the file within another file! It is designed to hide and send your sensitive file or message.

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Hide and encrypt your sensitive information in 3 quick steps!

- Is your boss spying your outside and inside emails?

- Is your wife or husband surveying your letters from other friends?

- Are you afraid that your competitors in company or in business penetrate your system and find your valuable information?

- Do you want to share a special picture or letters with your lover and you want nobody else to read or access it.

OurSecret: an easy-to-use tool of hiding information on the contents of the file within another file! It is designed to hide and send your sensitive file or message.

With Our Secret (Steganography),

- You don't need to be afraid that someone else can see your sensitive and secret data stored on your computer any more.

- You don't need to worry about that your company finds out what you send outside.

- You don't need to be afraid that hackers or unwanted people can penetrate your system and find your valuable information.

- You can send a secure email to your close friends or partners that no one else can read or access it.

Make your secrets invisible!

OurSecret enables you to hide and encrypt files within other files (carriers) such as picture or sound files. This allows you to encrypt sensitive information, while at the same time hiding it in a file that will not look suspicious, so nobody even knows that there is any encrypted information.

The carrier files are fully functional and identical to the original files (except for size), so if data was hidden in a picture file, the picture can still be viewed normally. The program gives you the option to hide a small text message, or one or more files that you select.

Make your personal information safe!

OurSecret lets you specify a password to extract hidden files. Only the person who knows the password can access your hidden files.

For more information, please visit .
Product Name:
Our Secret
File Size:
1106 KB
32MB of RAM 20MB of available hard-disk space
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