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CommTraffic Rate: Price(USD): 49
CommTraffic is a network utility for collecting, processing, and displaying traffic and network utilization statistics for computer network connections. In a LAN segment, CommTraffic shows traffic and network utilization statistics for each computer.
CommTraffic Download Buy from RegNow

My Privacy Net Rate: Price(USD): 99
No anti-spyware and firewalls can provide 100% guarantee for the safety of your private and business info in a network. My Privacy Net can handle this as it solves the problem before it occurs.
My Privacy Net Download Buy from RegNow

X-NetStat Professional Rate: Price(USD): 29.95
X-NetStat Professional shows your current Internet and network connections (addresses, ports used, traffic, age, process EXE, status). Includes IP-Lookup Tools, Network Statistics, Remote Access Server, Rules, Port Database. It's Internet radar
X-NetStat Professional Download Buy from RegNow

LANMessage Pro Rate: Price(USD): 19.99
LANMessage Pro is a powerful tool for communicating with other people on your network. It provides a means of communication including Send, Receive, Reply and Forward, Silent Mode, Aliases, Groupping, LOG, Quick Answers, Signature and much more
LANMessage Pro Download Buy from RegNow

DirSpy Rate: Price(USD): 29.95
DirSpy allows you to see all those using network files within a specific directory. Other impressive features of DirSpy include extensive server/client information, volume information, volume disk space monitoring, directory information, etc.
DirSpy Download Buy from RegNow

FileSpy Rate: Price(USD): 19.95
FileSpy allows users connected to a network with Novell Netware to see all the users who are using a specific file. It also allows viewing of the user's rights to the file/directory, how the file was opened, the user's network address, etc.
FileSpy Download Buy from RegNow

IPD LAN Manager and Tools Rate: Price(USD): 79.00
This program promises to put small/medium businesses on equal footing with larger companies in regards to LAN Management, but at a fraction of the cost.
IPD LAN Manager and Tools Download Buy from RegNow

Network Eagle Monitor Rate: Price(USD): 249.00
Network Eagle is a powerful network monitor. It monitors the state of servers and various remote services over the network. If the state of a monitored object has changed, NE will send a notification message or perform some specified actions.
Network Eagle Monitor Download Buy from RegNow

CommView Remote Agent Rate: Price(USD): 99
CommView Remote Agent is an application for remote network traffic monitoring. It allows CommView users to capture network traffic on any computer where Remote Agent is running, regardless of the computer's physical location.
CommView Remote Agent Download Buy from RegNow

Essential NetTools Rate: Price(USD): 29
Essential NetTools is a useful tool for diagnosing networks and monitoring your computer's network connections. It's a Swiss Army knife for everyone interested in a set of powerful network tools for everyday use.
Essential NetTools Download Buy from RegNow

Advanced Administrative Tools Rate: Price(USD): 49.95
AATools is a multithreaded network diagnostic toos for network administrators and security professionals. Its purpose is to accumulate data pertaining to network status and availability, using all of the latest development tools in network research.
Advanced Administrative Tools Download Buy from RegNow

Gate-and-Way RAS Rate: Price(USD): 49
Password protected remote connections to access the LAN and all the Gate-and-Way services. Imagine xbeingx at the office while at home or away on business. Other Gate-and-Way's modules: Mail, Fax, Internet, Voice, Backup. All is centrally ma
Gate-and-Way RAS Download Buy from RegNow

Enterprise IP - Address Manager Rate: Price(USD): 99.95
Enterprise IP - Address Manager is an easy-to-use program for assigning, cataloging, and maintaining IP addresses and host data. This open database software supports stand-alone or networked installation and multiple users.
Enterprise IP - Address Manager Download Buy from RegNow

Overseer Network Monitor Rate: Price(USD): 59.99
W2K network monitor providing easy installation, MMC configuration, and runs as a service to provide rock-solid reliability. Monitors websites, network devices, servers, services, and notifies administrators via Email, pager, cell phone, or net send.
Overseer Network Monitor Download Buy from RegNow

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