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DBF Recovery Toolbox - 1.0.0

Repair a corrupted *.dbf database files of dBase, FoxPro, Clipper and so on.

click to view DBF Recovery Toolbox's screenshot    DBF Recovery Toolbox was developed for a repairing of data from damaged table files of *.dbf databases (dBase IV, FoxPro, Clipper, configurations of the 1C financial suite and other applications).

Full description

DBF Recovery Toolbox was developed for a repairing of data from damaged table files of *.dbf databases (dBase IV, Clipper, configurations of the 1C financial suite and other applications). The software allows you to accomplish the following tasks:
- Recover the structure of table fields.
- Recover table data. The program is also capable of processing MEMO fields and files associated with them.
DBF Recovery Toolbox uses a proprietary data recovery algorithm for extracting data from damaged dbf table files and associated MEMO field files (fpt or dbt) and will be especially appreciated by developers and database users working with tables of this format.
The program has a friendly and intuitive interface and can be used even by novices, as it is capable of automatically finding all the information related to the damaged table that is required for data recovery. All you need to do is specify the file to be recovered and DBF Recovery Toolbox will do the rest automatically.
The software does not modify the source table in any way. The recovery engine works with an image of the table located in the memory of your computer.
The data recovery process is divided into several stages. You can go back at any stage and change the table file processing settings. You can also finish recovering one table and then go back to choose another file to work with.
Below are the stages of the recovery process:
1. Selection of a damaged table file
2. Analysis and revision of the structure and content of the recovered data
3. Selection of an output file for saving the recovered data
4. Revision of the recovery log
dBase DBMS and the dBase programming language were created several decades ago and have been actively developed ever since. These products were released for a number of platforms and remained one of the primary means of data storage for a very long time.
Product Name:
DBF Recovery Toolbox
File Size:
860 KB
Windows 98 and above is need.
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