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DC Num2Text Rate: Price(USD): 29
This software is useful when making financial reports, generating bills, and printing checks. There's no need to translate and type in each number - just run Number2Text and a text translation will appear next to your figures.
DC Num2Text Download Buy from RegNow

DC Form Flipper Rate: Price(USD): 10
Form Flipper supports Eastern languages such as Chinese and Arabic. It is designed specifically for the reverse orientation common in Eastern scripts. will automatically flip your from 180 degrees when it recognizes a language that calls for it.
DC Form Flipper Download Buy from RegNow

DC Dynamic Report Rate: Price(USD): 19
provides a front-end function for your application. It lets you generate query reports in HTML from your database and design your own report page, so you can easily build an interactive application or website and better communicate your trade.
DC Dynamic Report Download Buy from RegNow

DC Data Manger Rate: Price(USD): 99
navigate and manipulate your database records any way you want. This program is essentially a beefed-up version of Binding Recordset, Forget about coding the hard way - with Data Manger, you can add, save, delete, or edit data using only simple codes
DC Data Manger Download Buy from RegNow

DC Data Entry Validator Rate: Price(USD): 10
DC DataEntry Validator is a program development solution that lets you check data entry according to your own preferences. It lets you validate text as you type, limit data to specific characters, and define your own restrictions.
DC Data Entry Validator Download Buy from RegNow

DC Binding Recordset Rate: Price(USD): 79
DC Binding Recordset lets you effortlessly navigate database records, on top of adding, editing, saving, or deleting them. In a few clicks lets you set the links or relationships between database tables, and set up a search functionality.
DC Binding Recordset Download Buy from RegNow

DC App Protector Rate: Price(USD): 29
AppProtecor allows you to protect windows-executable trial versions of your software against piracy. this program is a great tool for software developers who want the best protection against piracy, but do not want to code their own encryptions.
DC App Protector Download Buy from RegNow

Barcode VCL Component Rate: Price(USD): 79
Include Barcode ,DBBarcode, QRBarcode and QRDBarcode, Create, view and print barcodes for your applications as easy as typing the code. Simply enter the desired characters and select the type. The barcode will be created!
Barcode VCL Component Download Buy from RegNow

AS POWER WIN32 DLL Rate: Price(USD): 20
Now you can get full control, full power control for your applications.
AS POWER WIN32 DLL Download Buy from RegNow

AS PROCESS WIN32 DLL Rate: Price(USD): 10
Now you can have full process control inside your application. You will know what is going on in the system and you can control it. From speed, memory usage to suspending and killing process.
AS PROCESS WIN32 DLL Download Buy from RegNow

Neat Wizards Rate: Price(USD): 39
The Neat Wizards is a set of high-quality images that adds a professional look to your software, improves user experience, saves a significant amount of money on hiring a professional designer, and increases the trust to your software.
Neat Wizards Download Buy from RegNow

DF SDK Rate: Price(USD): 295
Software development kit which provides an effective approach of creating software patches and updates for files of any type and size, and integrating of the patch applying and/or building process directly into you own application program.
DF SDK Download Buy from RegNow

DC ReturnKey Enable Rate: Price(USD): 19
ReturnKey Enable is a COM based component that enables you navigate through form controls using Retun key as with Tab Key
DC ReturnKey Enable Download Buy from RegNow

Code VBA Rate: Price(USD): 199
With Code-VBA coding tools added to your Visual Basic editor (VBE) you create better VBA macros up to 50% faster. 20 specialized code builders support the fast creation of most used code. Use with MS Access, Excel, Word and other VBA enabled programs
Code VBA Download Buy from RegNow

Hook API SDK Rate: Price(USD): 280
Hook API SDK is a Software Development Kit for easy and quickly develop Windows system wide hooking program.
Hook API SDK Download Buy from RegNow

TurboFTP SDK Rate: Price(USD): 395
TurboFTP SDK is a powerful ActiveX/.Net-ready component and offers a full set of FTP client functionalities. Supports secure FTP over SSL/TLS,file download and upload resuming, on-the-fly data compression with MODE Z and multiple types of firewalls.
TurboFTP SDK Download Buy from RegNow

Alvas.CDBurn Rate: Price(USD): 49
Alvas.CDBurn for .Net is a collection of 100% native CLR compliant controls written in C#. Collection allows C# and VB.Net developers to create applications that record files to the writable CD (CD-R and CD-RW).
Alvas.CDBurn Download Buy from RegNow

TA4.Net Rate: Price(USD): 111.95
Technical analysis library for .NET. TA4.Net comprises 76 most popular technical analysis functions and indicators. Technical Analysis functions usage samples are available for both C# and VB.Net.
TA4.Net Download Buy from RegNow

WAB-Processor Rate: Price(USD): 29.95
Windows Address Book Processor is a Delphi Component that provides easy access to Windows Address Book (WAB). You can directly edit, add and delete contacts and groups (distribution lists) from WAB.
WAB-Processor Download Buy from RegNow

Excel Class .NET Rate: Price(USD): 49.95
Excel Class .NET is a powerful .NET component with over two hundred useful functions to assist in exchanging data between Excel and .NET and much more!
Excel Class .NET Download Buy from RegNow

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