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SP Accelerator - SharePoint Offline - 2009

Taking Lists and Documents Offline, Offline Search, Offline People Search

    Taking Lists and Documents Offline, Offline Search, Offline People Search

Full description

To Be released later 2009:
Taking Lists and Documents Offline:
Using the bi-directional threaded synchronization available in SP Accelerator 2009 the user can quickly download and upload the latest information available to and from their MOSS or WSS 3.0 Servers.

Offline People Search:
Remembering all the names and faces of colleagues, customers and partners can often be a challenge. Before SP Accelerator 2009, finding people in large MOSS people search result set was a time consuming task or trying to find peoples information when offline was almost impossible unless you saved the information using a 3rd party application. The functionality provided by offline People Search will allow you to schedule or run multiple people searches against one or more SharePoint servers, when the results are returned they are cached so that you can drill down into the people search results when online or offline with minimal effort.

Offline Search Manager:
Have you ever dreamt of being able to run a SharePoint search against multiple SharePoint Servers and then having a large portion of those results dropped into a grid which you can manipulate to view the search results in a more manageable structure.

How about marking multiple download items so that you can download search results in bulk, saving you the time to of having to save each item through a number of clicks to get the same result.

Maybe, even the ability to schedule the items for download or even better start, pause and resume the download process on those items as required. SP Accelerator 2009 allows all these features as well as a reconnect and continue option for failed downloads. All of these are a huge time saver when working with large search results over good and poor connections.
Product Name:
SP Accelerator - SharePoint Offline
File Size:
20 KB
OCR requires Microsoft Office 2007
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