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Get Google Ads For Free - 1.76

Get Free Google Adwords

click to view Get Google Ads For Free's screenshot    ¡°Everyday Google sells several million¡¯s in pay-per-clicks. But I get all mine absolutely FREE ¨C and now I am going to show you how to get yours FREE also!¡±

Full description

What's all this fuss about Free Google Ads?

-Is this for real...or is it just an elaborate scam?

Well, I can tell you, I was pretty sceptical.

In my experience-if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is, right?

Well, on face value, this is no different. BUT...those are the three important words-"on face value".

Because if you were expecting this idea to be something like a cute piece of code that you put in your Adwords ad and Google simply forgets to charge you for your clicks-then forget it-you are due for a disappointment!

I think that if the method behind this was something that actually caused Google to loose Adwords revenue then they might just have been tempted to do something rather heavy to stop this 'dead in its tracks', don't you? I kinda think that maybe Google has sufficient power and leverage in its market these days that anyone seriously attempting to damage its commercial interests would pretty soon be "toast"!

So, does this mean that this idea is basically a fraud and a waste of time and you should just walk away?

Well actually NO! Because what the guy behind this idea has actually done is come up with some clever "out of the box" thinking which means that, whilst you will still pay Google for your PPC advertising, his scheme creates something that actually "offsets" that ad cost so that "effectively" you get your ads for nothing. (In fact, if you play his system cleverly, you can even end up ahead on the deal before you earn any direct income from whatever it is you are advertising).

Now whether the guy behind this has actually benefited from as much as m worth of "free" advertising as he claims, I haven't a clue, but he certainly comes across as someone who has been seriously active in the online marketing 'trenches' and has clearly won some 'combat medals'. He illustrates his methods clearly with detailed case studies and I have no doubt that he achieves serious results.
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Get Google Ads For Free
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