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Blood Presure Controller software - 1.1

Control your Blood Pressure with the help of the Blood pressure controller

click to view Blood Presure Controller software's screenshot    Blood Pressure controller is software of your blood pressure reports. Blood pressure controller can be used with any habitat blood pressure supervise device and supports all current Windows based systems that allows to store other information.

Full description

Calculating your blood pressure is able to help you out and your family doctor can stop or manage your other disease problems. Blood pressure status or reading might be higher or lower in the doctor's office. So, the main use of blood pressure controller is to give you Average status of blood pressure. And because of that we suggest that the person who is more than 40 years has to take daily report of Blood pressure. Calculate your own pressure is not expensive or not difficult. It's a good thought to check status of blood pressure at different times of day. The Blood Pressure controller makes straightforward blood pressure control and data logging of heart rate. In addition to being suitable data logger Blood pressure controller software is also a important tool for blood pressure longitudinal movement analysis. This longitudinal analysis might be help you and also to your doctor to decide on the best medication or any other treatment.

Some of the features of Blood Pressure Controller Software:

--> Blood Pressure Controller software is designed based on the Medical terminologies.
--> Easy data entry for huge numbers.
--> Reminder for Blood Pressure checking as per the time setting.
--> Blood Pressure chart shows the daily report of blood pressure.
--> History menu will allow you to find out the history of your blood pressure reports.
--> Blood pressure Controller will give you the guideline based on your Blood pressure report.
--> You are allowed to save all the data or blood test report in many formats to give that to your Doctors.
--> It has very small database size so you can store the information as much as you want.
--> Very simple user interfaces so any one can understand the design.
--> You are allowed to customize the different blood pressure setting according to your health.
Product Name:
Blood Presure Controller software
File Size:
3338 KB
250 MB RAM
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