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War of Insects Rate: Price(USD): 0
You are a lovely butterfly on a special mission. Your job is to kill all those nasty insects attacking you. They are fast and ugly. You have to be even faster to shoot down all of them. You cannot allow them to take over your garden.
War of Insects Download

Zombie Eric Rate: Price(USD): 0
Zombie Eric is a free game where you need to kill as much zombies as possible. You are a famous Eric the zombie killer. You are on another mission to destroy zombies that are taking over the world. Shoot at sight, they are closing very fast.
Zombie Eric Download

AlienXcape Rate: Price(USD): 0
During your most recent raid on the Wymacet Horde, you were captured. Now you must get out of your cell and fight your way through these three levels of difficult but exciting game play. Check out all OTS Software games at
AlienXcape Download

Silent Death Infiltration Rate: Price(USD): 0
You are called a Silent Death and Stealth is your middle name! This free action game requires from you to operate in darkness and unnoticed by enemy guards. Your mission is to get into the enemy headquarters unnoticed and silent.
Silent Death Infiltration Download

Scavenger Rate: Price(USD): 9.99
Test your piloting skills as you overcome the Star Hulk Icarus's decaying gravity fields. Rotate, thrust and shoot your way through 80 sectors, collecting riches, battling aliens and unlocking the way to freedom.
Scavenger Download Buy from RegNow

After The End Rate: Price(USD): 14.95
Cut your way through locations filled with mutants in this 3rd person 3D-shooter. Nice 3D graphics and sound FX, 16 weapons and devices, 3 game modes (Campaign, Firing range, survival), Worldwide Hall of Fame and much more.
After The End Download Buy from RegNow

Crazy Gig Racers Rate: Price(USD): 0
Crazy Gig Racers, the famous rock band has been stolen their musical equipment. But those rocking boys won´t give it up. Chase the truck that stole your equipment and collect your guitars back.
Crazy Gig Racers Download

Shogun Warrior Rate: Price(USD): 0
Your mission is to use your sword skills in the hostile environment of never-ending conflicts between two China´s rulers.
Shogun Warrior Download

Ufo- Alarm 3d Rate: Price(USD): 2.49
A fast 3d- space shooter with excellent graphics, a lot of action and not too many brain : As a pilot of a space ship you have to destroy the evil pylonian invasion forces on your missions throughout the planets and moons of the solar system.
Ufo- Alarm 3d Download

Monster Attack Rate: Price(USD): 0
Aliens landed and want to take over the world. You just cannot let that happened. You are a gunman owning a powerful anty-alien weapon. But a good gun without a great shooter means nothing. Kill those ugly creatures.
Monster Attack Download

Alien Exterminator Rate: Price(USD): 0
Alien Exterminator is a 3D first person shooter game. You are an alien exterminator and you have been sent to a space station that is infested with aliens. Now Vista compatible and still free. Visit for more free games.
Alien Exterminator Download

Inca Ball Rate: Price(USD): 19.95
Launch into the valiant quest for the treasures of the ancient civilization in a marvelous arcade puzzle, shining with nice visuals, 60 challenging levels and a variety of bonuses. Finish the game, and a special prize will be yours!
Inca Ball Download Buy from RegNow

ArkLight Rate: Price(USD): 19.95
Take control of the 'X52-ArkLight', a powerful spaceship and your homeworld's last chance of freedom. Fly through 50 levels, blasting a path through the Krainian Empire's blockades. ArkLight takes Arkanoid to a whole new world !
ArkLight Download Buy from RegNow

Midnight Raptor Rate: Price(USD): 0
Midnight Raptor is a secret airforce project. Airforce developed a brand new sort of jetfighter plane that is about to be taken on its first mission by no other than you. You will have a chance to try its maneuverability and reliability.
Midnight Raptor Download

Allmighty Plan Rate: Price(USD): 0
People lost their trust in good and as a result the pure evil is taking over the world. Go out there and kill all the evil creatures
Allmighty Plan Download

DarkSide Rate: Price(USD): 19.95
DarkSide is a sci-fi based shoot'em'up in which you pilot your way around 100's of massive asteroids. Fly in and out of their dark sides as you battle a host of alien hostiles. Watch out for orbiting chunks of rock!
DarkSide Download Buy from RegNow

System Mania Rate: Price(USD): 19.95
Help Fiona realise her dream of running her very own fix-it shop. Keep 90 crazy machines running smoothly by quickly turning their red warning lights off. Be quick or the whole thing will go up in smoke!
System Mania Download Buy from RegNow

The X Planet Rate: Price(USD): 0
Action and adventure found a perfect match in The X Planet free action game! So what is The X Planet all about? You stranded on a far away asteroid long forgotten by its previous inhabitants.
The X Planet Download

Jalapeno Element Saga Rate: Price(USD): 0
Welcome to the Element Saga thrilling free action game. Everything about this excellent action game is simply astonishing. It is the perfect mixture of a free action game, combined with some heavy shooting game scenes.
Jalapeno Element Saga Download

Golden Warriors Rate: Price(USD): 0
Golden Warriors is a 3D third person shooter game. Your goal is to collect as much gold as possible. However, in this game, the gold fights back. Now compatible with Windows Vista and still free. Visit for more free games.
Golden Warriors Download

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