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JackPOT Cyclone - 2011

JackPOT Cyclone

click to view JackPOT Cyclone's screenshot    JackPOT Cyclone - JackPOT Options Monthly Trend Cyclone Options Trading System - A Trading for a Good Living System - Gives You a Simple Plan to Potential Reap Massive Moves from A Unique Phenomenon that Happens Monthly in Stocks.

Full description

Our JackPOT Monthly Cycler is a grouping of trend trading methodologies based on fundamental and natural laws of price movement that have simple worked, repeatedly over and over for over a century of available price data in the stock markets.

We've refined our stock trading and options trading strategies based on this JackPOT Monthly Cycler to high degrees of accuracy. Overall, we have been very pleased with every trade we take and regret missing any trades to this system. To us, there is simply no excuse to missing a trade!

What if you could learn to apply professional gambler's principles to your trading and investing?

Just imagine if you had a good trading system and you were simply able to take all the trades without stressing out or messing up... What if you had a system that was simple and fun to trade, that was easy to execute, that was low stress. Well you could have such a system today, right here and right now.

And for that matter just imagine if you were able to have a track record as seen below in your own options trading account. And you don't need to trade huge to get started. You can start small, and with our brilliance options trading money management system you can grow your account, potentially, rather quickly over time.

One of the core concepts of the Jackpot options trading system approach is to simply be able to pop in a trade, set the stop loss and be in position for a potential dramatic move or a good move. We just simply keep taking our shots with a high probability trading setup and we let the "dice roll".

As you'll see from the track record below many months contain dramatic profits. Some months are duds. Some months are solid. And some months are pretty good. The thing is we don't know exactly what months the good nor do we care to guess. Guessing in trading is a waste of time.
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JackPOT Cyclone
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