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SpaceBooker Rate: Price(USD): 75
Event and Property Management System (PMS) With it's graphical Front Desk, Sales/Marketing, Conference and Finance Management functions, the software is packed with high usability unusual for a database product.
SpaceBooker Download

Artifact Manager Rate: Price(USD): 97.00
Artifact Manager delivers an innovative solution to organize, search and keep safe and under control your documents and personal information. It combines state-of-the-art search and organization technologies to save your time and boost productivity.
Artifact Manager Download Buy from RegNow

Newsoft Smart Office Rate: Price(USD): 99
Newsoft Smart Office is a new concept of office automation software, set personal and corporate office in one, both for the individual user's needs, but also to meet the needs of corporate users of office.
Newsoft Smart Office Download Buy from RegNow

Access Database Contact Manager Rate: Price(USD): 19.99
Access database contact manager is a versatile, light application that stores all your contacts. Personal and business contacts can be recorded as well as instant messaging services.
Access Database Contact Manager Download

Azz Cardfile Rate: Price(USD): 29.95
Customizable free-form cardfile type database software - manage contacts, references, notes or any other items. Modern replacement to Microsoft Cardfile.exe, for all 32-bit Windows. Simple, powerful and inexpensive. Free unlimited trial.
Azz Cardfile Download

Process Manager Rate: Price(USD): 0
An application that shows you comprehensive information about which modules/processes have opened.
Process Manager is a tool that helps you to see which processes are running on your machine.
Process Manager Download

Volunteer Suite Premium General Rate: Price(USD): 300
Volunteer Suite Premium bundles InTrek Premium and MVP to create the next step in volunteer/member and asset management.
Volunteer Suite Premium General Download Buy from RegNow

Mindful Lite Rate: Price(USD): 0
Mindful Lite combines an event reminder and password manager. The event reminder reminds you of your most important events. The password manager allows you to manage your most important passwords from one central secure location.
Mindful Lite Download

pdf-FormServer Rate: Price(USD): 37.70
With pdf-FormServer - Client Edition - you are enabled to save any PDF-forms with content to your desktop. It s only one click and you can save all filled out PDF forms including all fields.
pdf-FormServer Download

TopNotes Rate: Price(USD): 24.95
TopNotes manages and encripts any kind of information like projects, addresses, recipes, pictures, videos and so on in notebooks files with a tree structure. Keep all information that you need organized in a single file, at one place!
TopNotes Download Buy from RegNow

Address Organizer Deluxe Rate: Price(USD): 75.00
Complete address software that will help you organize personal or business addresses, emails, phones, WEB pages. Easily View, Retrieve Information: Table Viewer, Browser Viewer, Record Viewer. Easily Process Data: Report Wizard, Label Wizard.
Address Organizer Deluxe Download Buy from RegNow

ActionOutline Rate: Price(USD): 39.95
Store and arrange all your information in a tree outline form with Explorer-like interface. Arrange items using keyboard or mouse, cut and paste branches, place checks or tags, search, print, export, share on the network, link to web or local files.
ActionOutline Download Buy from RegNow

Member Organizer Pro Rate: Price(USD): 245.00
Membership Manager for Windows. Our software gives you an easy way to manage, track, and organize data of small organizations, sociaties, clubs, camps, interest groups, associations, health clubs..
Member Organizer Pro Download Buy from RegNow

Exstora Pro Rate: Price(USD): 29.95
Multi-functional note manager and personal organizer with thought through quick note editing and structuring system. Store notes, events, TODO's, Diary, etc. RSS Feeds. Gantt Diagram. Synchronize with other computers. Run from a flash drive.
Exstora Pro Download Buy from RegNow

Contact Organizer Pro Rate: Price(USD): 245.00
Contact Organizer Pro is a flexible contact management software for Windows users. Our software solution gives you an easy way to gather, organize and manage information about all your business contacts.
Contact Organizer Pro Download Buy from RegNow

Personal Knowbase Rate: Price(USD): 49.95
Take control of your notes with Personal Knowbase. Capture your thoughts with this freeform note management software. Easy to use, yet handles a large amount of information. Retrieve related notes quickly by filtering on your chosen keywords.
Personal Knowbase Download Buy from RegNow

Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager Rate: Price(USD): 39.95
Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager(Joy Gnotes)is a personal information manager that helps you make plans, organize your private life and company business
Joy Note Diary and Contact Manager Download Buy from RegNow

ScrapBook Rate: Price(USD): 15
ScrapBook is a Palm OS note-taking application, featuring organization of notes into nested folders as well as categories, searching for multiple strings at once, encryption, and easy interchange of notes with the standard Memo Pad application.
ScrapBook Download Buy from RegNow

Rental Calendar Rate: Price(USD): 39.95
Rental Calendar is a rental management application that will help renters keep track of rental units, plan to rent out resources, calculate and show term of lease, helping you to make decisions quickly. Search, export, backup options are available.
Rental Calendar Download Buy from RegNow

Info Angel Rate: Price(USD): 29.95
Personal information manager (PIM) that combines a notebook, an address book, and organizer into a single interface.
Info Angel Download Buy from RegNow

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