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Forex Windfall - 2011

Forex Windfall

click to view Forex Windfall's screenshot    Forex Windfall - The chart above shows the result of the last 6 years of trades on the EURUSD and GBPUSD. Each trade was at a fixed per pip. Although the strategy on each pair is very similar, they generally don’t trade at the same time.

Full description

Most people have invested at some time in their lives. Some will also have tried short term trading, attracted by the lure of easy profits. Unfortunately the majority will eventually lose interest, lose money or both.

Everyone has a different story but the reasons for losing can be analysed.

Fear of losing causes you to close a trade too early before the profit has developed or not take the trade in the first place.

Greed encourages you to risk too much or wait too long in a good trade hoping for more while the profit vanishes.

Even if you can overcome the two main physcological trading barriers, unless you have a profitable trading plan all your efforts will eventually amount to nothing or more likely, a big loss.

Once you have found a profitable technique all you have to do is use it. You then need a good helping of discipline to sit and watch and wait for the ideal trade. Then sit and watch and wait some more for the best time to exit the trade. It is very tiring and very easy to make mistakes.

And now the good news.

Forex WindFall has a successful, tried and tested trading plan. It has worked for years in forward and back-testing and in real live accounts. Try it for yourself or look at the results and see.

Forex WindFall has no fear or greed but it has a huge amount of discipline. It will sit there hour after hour, day after day and just make you money. It won’t worry about the occasional loss, this does happen from time to time. And it won’t get greedy after a string of winners. It knows that statistics are in its favour and it will simply claw back any losses and keep on climbing.

All you need to do is load the program then decide whether to use a fixed stake for each trade or variable lot sizes which increase as your balance grows.

Finally, fold your arms or go and get on with planning and living your life.
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Forex Windfall
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