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MS SQL 2000 to MySQL -

MSSQL to MySQL DB converter migrates records from Microsoft SQL to MySQL server

click to view MS SQL 2000 to MySQL's screenshot    Microsoft SQL to MySQL database translator software converts MS SQL database records to MySQL format. MSSQL to MySQL database converter application supports key constraints, data types, default values, null value, entities and attributes of database.

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MSSQL to MySQL database migrator application converts Microsoft SQL database records into MySQL database server. MSSQL translation software transfers MSSQL server rows, columns into MySQL database format. MSSQL to MySQL conversion tool is compatible with major versions of Windows OS as windows 98 NT Me 2000 XP Vista. MSSQL database migration program is fully capable to migrate entire database or selected records as per user requirement. MSSQL to MySQL database conversion program supports all default values, triggers, key constraints, data types, attributes, entities and null value during translation process. Database conversion program offers an interactive graphic user interface (GUI) to make operation of software easy for both technical and non-technical users. MSSQL to MySQL converter utility translates tables with records and saves it at the desired location in the hard disk. MSSQL database transfer software converts all versions of MSSQL (2000, 2005) into MySQL. Database migration tool maintains database integrity and supports Unicode architecture during the process of conversion. Using MSSQL database converter utility user can convert database into new destination database or overwrite existing database.
* MSSQL to MySQL database transfer tool is fully capable to convert selected records or entire database as per user discretion.
* Microsoft SQL to MySQL Database translator application is compatible with Windows 98, ME, NT,
2000, Windows XP and Window Vista operating system
* MS SQL to MySQL Database conversion program supports default values, null values, primary and unique key constraints.
* Database migration application maintains database integrity and supports Unicode architecture during the process of conversion.
* MSSQL to MySQL database converter works with all major versions of MSSQL.
Product Name:
MS SQL 2000 to MySQL
File Size:
1423 KB
128MB RAM, 20MB Disk Space for installation
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